Céillie Clark-Keane


Céillie Clark-Keane is a writer living in Boston. She has a Master's in English Literature from Northeastern University and undergraduate degrees in English and Classics from Union College.  Her short fiction and essays have been published by Electric Literature, Entropy, Rag-Queen Periodical, and more.


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ON Misunderstanding Heny James & High School Bullying

I can’t remember now whether that was because my favorite English teacher lent me a copy, or the single-room library in town happened to hold a slim edition on their limited shelf-space. I do remember that my reaction was immediate. I was enamored, and I was settled: this would be my reinvention. 


A Great Rushing of wings

The funeral was on a Thursday morning. The memorial service on campus was scheduled right away for that Friday, but I told my mom I’d stay for the weekend, maybe longer.


Hannah Webster Foster

On July 29th, 1788, the Salem Mercury published a story about Elizabeth Whitman, an educated, single woman from Connecticut who died alone and away from home at the Bell Tavern in then-Danvers, Massachusetts, after giving birth to a stillborn baby.